About Elisha

Elisa saffron company has started its activity in the form of display and supply of authentic Iranian saffron for our dear compatriots and other countries since 1994.

Elisha's goal

Our goal is to supply Sargol Mumtaz Sargol saffron of the highest quality in the country according to international laboratory standard analyzes and export saffron with precious and Sargol Mumtaz quality.

Elisa saffron packaging

Due to the fact that saffron is a very sensitive plant against light radiation, Elise saffron company has designed its packaging with completely different and hygienic packaging according to international standards so that Elise saffron is safe from light radiation and also from anti-cellophanes. Electricity and anti-moisture Ederboard paper are used so that the product can maintain its quality for a longer period of time in areas with high humidity.